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The uprising continues in WILD SUN: UNBOUND. Cerrin and her fellow slaves are being pursued across an endless, ancient forest… but new enemies and new allies are waiting for them amidst the trees and beyond the stars.

Ehsan Ahmad & Shakil Ahmad

— Authors of the Wild Sun Series

Brothers Ehsan and Shakil Ahmad simply love the art of storytelling—as audience or creators. It’s a passion they’ve shared since their childhood, growing up in New York City as the first-generation American children of immigrants from Pakistan.

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What Readers Say

We’re thrilled with the enthusiastic reception to the Wild Sun Series so far and encourage you to jump straight into the reader reviews for book one on Amazon and Goodreads!

What Authors Say

“Thoughtful, nuanced, exciting—Wild Sun delivers a great mix of what makes science fiction so much fun to read.” -Paul Mullie, co-creator of TV’S DARK MATTER & executive producer of STARGATE-SG1

“A gripping, perfectly paced read.” -Shelly Campbell, Author of Under the Lesser Moon and Gulf

Wild Sun is a thrilling, science fiction adventure that manages to blend a vintage, golden age feel with an enjoyably modern take on tyranny… It really does feel like the kind of classic sci-fi adventure I’d happily pluck from my dad’s bookshelves as a teenager.” -Oliver Clarke, Author of A Cat Called Hope

“I didn’t want to put this book down… This story is what ‘Avatar’ should have been.” -C. Gold, Author of the Darklight Universe series

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