The Wild Sun Series

By Ehsan Ahmad And Shakil Ahmad

Once a paradise, the primitive forest planet of Corvos has been conquered and enslaved by an interstellar empire. But not quite all of its native peoples have given up hope of freedom. In the depths of Mine Three, a fierce young slave named Cerrin prays every day to the god of battle for a chance—any chance—to strike her enemies. But the soldiers in their armored combat shells are beyond untouchable. Their technology seems almost magical. Their cruelty, limitless. But Cerrin knows nothing of the events in motion far above her head, in orbit above her planet. An aging military captain is greeting his new civilian commander—a vicious nobleman with ambitious plans for this backwater world. And with this new evil comes unexpected hope.


You are awesome and we love you for wanting to buy WILD SUN right now! Unfortunately, the first book hasn’t launched just yet.

Presales are now underway at the special price of $2.99 for the eBook, which will be automatically delivered to your Kindle on May 1, 2019, if you purchase today through Amazon. (The eBook price goes up to $6.99 one week after launch, so don’t wait!) Pre-order your copy right here!

Paperbacks will be available starting on the official launch date of May 1.

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About Book One

On a world enslaved, the last embers of hope are fading into an unrelenting darkness. Conquered and broken, the natives are forced to ravage their own lush planet of its natural resources—all for the glory of a mysterious empire they’ve never seen and barely comprehend.

But not all light is lost. In the heart of one young woman alone, the gods have set a flame that cannot be extinguished. Cerrin remains as fierce and unyielding as the planet itself. And her chance to strike is fast approaching.

Above the skies of her home world, soldiers of the empire are welcoming their new civilian commander—a vicious nobleman blinded by hidden ambitions. When the new face of darkness turns its eyes on Cerrin, the fate of countless worlds will change forever.

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About the Authors

Ehsan and Shakil Ahmad simply love the art of storytelling—as audience or creators. It’s more than a passion. It’s a driving need.

Ehsan and Shakil Ahmad simply love the art of storytelling—as audience or creators. It’s a passion they’ve shared since their childhood, growing up in New York City as the first-generation American children of immigrants from Pakistan.

At first, this passion drove the brothers in different directions in life. For Ehsan, it meant traveling across four continents to meet the people of countless cultures and hear their stories firsthand. For Shakil, it meant seeking a deeper understanding of human nature through degrees in psychology and social research.